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Retail industry

Add a modern and friendly touch to your customer relationships! In a context where innovation and differentiation are key to company performance, AFTER-MOUSE.COM helps retailers adopt new selling concepts with simple and affordable solutions. Large or small stores, franchises or independents, differentiate yourself with interactive applications specially developed for the retail sector. Show off your whole product range in a way that's both practical and engaging.

These dedicated applications are true sales facilitators, which will transform your sales relationships by making your customers active participants in the sales process. Some big names in retail have chosen AFTER-MOUSE.COM and seen a real return on their investment: reduced time to sale, substantially increased footfall at sales outlets, dramatically increasing their sales, and customer loyalty.

These customized applications can be deployed on a range of hardware devices which will integrate perfectly into your sales space. Microsoft® Surface® allows several people to gather around a single touch screen unit and independently or collaboratively interact with your application. Your sales force can be equipped with tablet PCs or touch screen laptops, making them more mobile. Different-sized touch screens installed around your sales floors can allow multiple customers to interact simultaneously. And, thanks to motion recognition with Kinect™ for Windows, your store window becomes interactive!

Our applications can be adapted to any retail sector: "The only limit is your imagination".

Groundbreaking new features

Interactive product catalog

Catalogue produit interactif

The interactive catalog allows your customers to discover your whole product range through photos, videos, product descriptions, etc. If you opt for a Microsoft® Surface® touch screen unit with object recognition, just imagine how any item from your product range can be placed on the device, which then opens the right product category - as if by magic. The interactive catalog is also available on any other touch screen device, without object recognition.

Product information sheet

Fiche produit

The product information sheet allows your customers to find out about every aspect of a product, singly or several together: photos, videos, technical specifications, 3-D modeling, and related products. They can also change the item color on the fly.

Product comparison

Comparaison Produits

Using the product comparator, your customers can compare up to five different items at a time, an in-store service unequalled anywhere else. The user can then put an item aside, or remove it from their selection.

Up-selling and cross-selling


The touch screen interface is an excellent means of boosting sales by offering a customer interested in one product all the other products they might consider. By increasing the visibility of all your products, you can also increase your opportunities for up-selling. This will lead to an increased average spend in your stores!

Sales outlet location information

Géolocalisation des points de vente

Using a 2-D/3-D geographical location system, Bing Maps, your customers can easily locate any of your company's stores. They can also read detailed information for each store, such as opening hours, address and telephone number.

Loyalty card (exclusively available on Microsoft® Surface®)

Carte Client

You can improve customer loyalty by issuing personalized cards to your customers, which they can then use to access their account directly, see a summary of their recent purchases and select products for purchase before going to the checkout. This also provides a good means for your company to build up its database.

A wide range of other features can be added on request!